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Power of Attorney

Here you may download standard forms (Power of Attorney german only):

a pdf-file [51 KB]


Power of Attorney Delivery only requested to the person holding the power of attorney!

Rechtsanwalt Frank Feser, Dellbrücker Mauspfad 319, 51069 Köln, is hereby given power of attorney in the following case

... vs. ...

1. to conduct a lawsuit (among others according to §§ 81 ff. ZPO - Code of Civil Procedure), including the authority to put forward and to withdraw counter claims;
2. to file for applications in divorce cases and ancillary matters, to conclude agreements on ancillary matters, as well as to file applications for the issuing of pension and other maintenance information;
3. to represent and defend in criminal matters and administrative fine matters (§§ 302, 374 StPO - Code of Criminal Procedure),, including the according to § 411 II StPO, with the explicit authorisation also according to §§ 233 I, 234 StPO, to make applications for criminal procedure and other applications permitted by the code of criminal procedure and applications according to the law on the compensation for criminal prosecution measures, especially also for the amount/cash proceedings;
4. to represent in other proceedings and in all kinds of cases of extrajudicial negotiations (especially in accident matters to assert claims against the authors of the damage, vehicle owners and their insurers);
5. to state grounds for and to annul contractual relationships and to submit and receive unilateral declarations of intent (e.g. resignations). The power of attorney is valid for all instances and also covers all kinds of ancillary and consequential proceedings (e.g. writ of attachment and temporary injunction, proceedings of fixing costs, execution proceedings, intervention proceedings, compulsory sale procedures, receivership proceedings and depositing proceedings, as well as bankruptcy and composition proceedings regarding the assets of the adversary). It especially includes the authorisation to effect and receive deliveries, to assign the power of attorney completely or partially to others (substitute power of attorney), to file, withdraw or to waive appeals, to terminate the legal dispute or extra-judicial negotiations through settlements, waivers or acknowledgements, to receive money, valuables and deeds, especially the subject matter of the action and the amounts to be reimbursed by the adversary, the judicial or other authorities, as well as to inspect the files.

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